Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fooling the nervous system to make a temporary change

A fascinating video on how easy it is to trick the nervous system into making temporary changes - and how easy it is to trick ourselves into thinking these changes will last.

However, r
epeated exposure to stimuli, in the form of:

  • treatments - including massage, physical therapy, or functional therapy given by a therapist or trainer,
  • self-care, including self-massage and carrying out your exercise assignments from your therapist or trainer,
these can retrain and reset the nervous system to improve your functional movement and  reduce pain

This is a short clip showing a 75-year old tennis player who did not have surgery - the injury included a full-thickness tear of his shoulder joint and shoulder muscles  and joint fusion (glenoid humeral capsule, humeral head displacement supraspinatus + long head of biceps tendon, humeral space).

Two weeks after injury, he entered therapy--and 6 weeks later, was playing at 80% capacity.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

What Causes Foot Cramps?

What Causes Foot Cramps?
This lists the common medical reasons for cramping, and the role that footwear can play – this is valuable information for anyone who…has feet.
Whether you only use them for your day-to-day getting from place to place, for running, for dancing, you can help - and I believe, avoid – a number of common problems.

I suggest the toe extensor stretch that is shown about halfway through. If this induces foot cramping, it will give us information on how to tailor your treatments – I can do effective work without knowing all of the factors involved, but it of course helps to know 

This is a detailed demonstration of the toe extensor stretch itself.
Toe Extensor Stretch with Dr Ray McClanahan
Dr. Ray McClanahan, Natural Sports Podiatrist shares a simple, profound stretch for toe extensor muscles, tendons and soft tissues. Restore proper toe tension and balance to aid many conditions including: hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciosis, plantar fibromatosis, capsulitis, metatarsalgia, and neuroma

The product he offers, the toe spacer at, is the one that I have used, and I can recommend it. 

Comparative Study Of The Feet Of Barefooted And Shoe-Wearing Peoples
This is a fascinating (well, to a nerd like me) paper on the study of feet in primitive, barefoot populations from 1905.
If nothing else, the pictures are interesting – theses are photos of different populations that have never worn shoes.

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