Sunday, June 30, 2019

Do you have pain, discomfort, or an uncomfortable feeling of tightness between your shoulder blades?
Here are a few stretches that I myself use - especially when I have been on the computer for a long stretch of time.
In the stretch shown in the next image, the trick is to keep one arm bent as shown below, and use the opposite arm as a lever to pull it towards your body. Vary the angles to stretch different areas. 

The next stretch is a bit hard to understand from the picture.
-Sit down, bend over a bit, and cross your arms, placing your hands on the outer sides of your knees.
-Push your knees outward--you should feel a lovely stretch across your shoulders.
-Vary the angles; you can stretch different areas by bending over less, or more.

I love this neck stretch!

That's it for now-hope these help!

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