Thursday, March 1, 2018

Allergies: pollen, OAS. contact dermatis--incredibly complex

Recently, I became aware that pollen allergies, most commonly to the pollen of specific varieties of tree and grass, coexist with OAS, Oral Allergy Syndrome. In OAS, a person will often develop itching or burning in the mouth and throat withing minutes of eating a particular food (although symptoms may be delayed). They can also react with histamine release in the digestive system - causing diarrhea and other GI symtoms.

OAS puts a person at risk for anaphylaxis.

Many years ago, when on of my children developed atopic dermatitis as an infant, and then asthma, I kept a detailed daily diary. I noted, for example, that if that child was sensitized, having asthmatic episodes, eating tomatoes would cause eczema. I became aware that allergy is very complex--and realized this is one of the reasons bullshit artists, healers, etc, have a field day with allergy sufferers.

It is the height of the allergy season here, olives are flowering, and as I listened to the sneezing of my loved ones, I remembered that they have also mentioned itching of the mouth and throat when eating melons and certain other fruit. So I started reading.

I am recording some of the articles I have read--good way to keep track!

Atopic Dermatis:

Allergies, hypersensitivties, allergy pathways---good information:

Cypress pollen/peach cross-reactivity--and conditional sensitization ( BP14) , once sensitized, one is more likely to become sensitive to similar allergens within the same protein family which are present in other allergen sources.


Not enough detail, but a good place to start:

from 1995, but worth saving:

Excellent, detailed

This regards eosinophilic esophagitis. Fascinating.


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